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SXSW- Austin, TX

Spring Break 2017

Date: March 14 – March 16

Where: South by Southwest / Austin, TX

My Storytelling Process

Picking a Topic:

Before I start recording anything, I stop and think to myself what would be a good story to tell. Do I focus on the experience such as traveling or the people I meet?

In this work in Austin, I chose to focus on the experience because there was too much happening to incorporate all the lovely people I met. I tried to take my topic and produce it as I experienced it, nothing staged.

Pressing the Record Button:

When getting ready to press the record button, make sure the subject you are shooting is memorable to you because it will be for the viewer. Secondly, one needs to look at it from multiple angles because you want the best angle that you could record to catch the eye of the viewer.

This is true in my video when I got drone footage of downtown Austin. I sent the drone up 5-6 times before I got the shot that captured Austin, Texas, the best.

Staying in the Moment:

This is my number one rule that I follow. I love capturing moments with my camera, but I never let it get in the way of meeting new people or experiencing new things.

I believe that some moments are better not on camera because it’s nice to look back and see what you did but you might not appreciate the memory as much. Sometimes just put the camera down and take it all in.

Doing it because you love it:

Never get to a point where you treat storytelling as more of an obligation rather than a want. Once that sets in the storytellers head, all the fun is lost and you won’t produce great work.

Do it because it’s what you are passionate about and for the pure love of capturing moments!


Creed (2015)

Actors: Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, & Sylvester Stallone

Director: Ryan Coolger

Genre: Sports/Boxing, exciting

Rating: 8/10


  • Good Things:
    • The Story/plot
      • The Tie ins of the old Rocky movies
        • The flash backs at the end when he appeared to be knocked out
        • The old clips of Apollo Creed was a great touch
        • The way that Michael fully embraced the BOXING PERSONONA and learned all of the drills was remarkable


  • The Cinematography (A++)
    • The shots included great add ins/ overlays
      • The date and time stamps (EX: locations where he was fighting)
      • The Transferring from the ESPN and looking through that lens to the real life view of the fight
      • Incorporating the current events like todays sport talk shows
    • The shots in this movie were well thought out and executed
      • The shots in the movie flowed very well from shot to shot


  • The use of scenes rather doing a lot of cuts made the actors seem very professional and crisp with their lines and boxing maneuvers
    • The Fight Scenes maybe had a total of three or four noticeable cuts the rest was excited with the steady cam


  • The Panning and the slow motions in the movie were fantastic
    • The examples being in the fight scenes and when he is in the back getting ready for the fight, CIRCLING (Rocky and Creed) as well as the slow-motion of him running in the streets
    • The way the last fight was filmed due to the lighting and how it was filmed it allowed the viewer audience (the one that was watching the film) a more personal look at the fight and struggles that Creed went through


  • The Lighting choices
    • I liked the choices of lighting they went with the theme of the movie
      • The dark/ overcast lighting gave it that Philly look
      • The use of natural light is fantastic (Example: in the second gym and the whole movie basically)
    • The unnatural ways create light and make it look great was awesome
      • Fire breather (Last fight scene)
    • Audio and the use of Music
      • The use of audio in the movie was great it gave me chills
      • The scene that Michael kissed Tessa, with her music going from the speakers of her set up to the grand audio of the movie when he made his first move, actually moved me
      • This continued throughout the movie

Video Project

Reflections on Final Video Project
Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.53.10 PM
Austin Cratty “bombing a giant hill”
My Thoughts:

Video making is one of my favorite things to do, and when I got to showcase my skills I was determined to show them off well. It was pretty easy choosing my focus/subject. I ended up choosing my roommate, Austin Cratty.

For this project, I needed to find a subject that has something that can be eye-catching on screen and have a great message. I saw the opportunity to use my drone and the schools Sony camera to convey my message.

When I got out in the field I felt in control with the interview I just knew what questions to ask. The video shots just came as easy I was thinking of creative ways topiece his words and the actions of the riding. When you can capture someone’s passion on screen and do it well it makes it so special for them as well as I.


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 8.56.35 PMAfter doing this project, I know that I chose the right major to pursue. Video production is such a passion of mine and sharing my ability to tell a story is so amazing. I remember when I had no idea how to use a camera or editing software. Five years can change a direction of a story tell and the techniques.

Even though this is the final project I coming out with a new found respect with video production. I love making videos and continue making them on my youtube channel.

Audio Slideshow

Audio Slideshow Reflection

Subject: Bryson Bowers

Date met: 03/2/2017

What did I like about the Project?

  • This project provided me a way to express and manipulate the camera to capture someone’s true passion. I feel so comfortable with the camera and this allowed me to balance between close and wide shots. I love capturing detail in my photos to allow the feelings in that moment to imprint on the picture itself.
  • P.s. I loved all the dogs he has at his house. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.09.55 PM

What was it like interviewing someone?

  • After meeting with Bryson, it was really easy to ask questions to a subject that is passionate about a particular thing they love. His enthusiasm was contagious and it made it a great environment for me to ask detailed questions. I loved the fact I got to experience someone else’s passion and let me walk through the process he goes through.

How was following Bryson around?

  • Pulling up to Bryson’s house I thought to myself, “This is going to be interesting…” I saw the OSU Wakeboard boat in the driveway getting a polish. He was that classic chill vibed dude that was the free spirited guy that never got tired of showing me anything. This made it really easy to focus on certain items to take pictures of. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.10.57 PM.png

What were some of the challenges I faced?

  • When being at the mercy of your subject’s schedule is a major burden. I had to be available when Bryson wasn’t working, in class or off seeking some adrenaline. I faced some technical issues as well with the mic I checked out. Luckily I used my direct Rode mic and took the video off and just used the audio for the slideshow. Overall there was no issue I couldn’t conquer.

What did I learn about doing the audio slideshow? 

  • This project was beneficial to me because it made me really think about what pictures I should include and what I should leave out. I needed the photos to reflect the feelings and emotions that Bryson was expressing to me. It made me better as a photographer and as a storyteller as a whole.
  • Would I do this again?? -> YES!


Where the End Starts…

My First Vlog Experience!

Check out the VLOG HERE: ->>>> Where the End Starts Vlog_#1

Vlogging for the First time!

  • Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.13.26 AM.png
    Our adventure took us to the best ice cream place in Ft. Worth!!

    Location: Ft. Worth Modern Art Museum

  • With who: Anna Taylor
  • Date: December 29, 2016

My vision behind this vlog…

  • My idea behind my vlog was to treat the camera as if it was a looking glass into my experience. Rather than what you see on most vlogs today with people talking at the camera explaining the context and what’s going to be next. I allow the viewer to have their own experience while watching my vlog. I want them to have real life thought process happen when watching rather than spoon feeding them.

Why is my vlog different?

This piece was the first to catch my eye at the Museum
  • My vlogs provide an underlying message to each one that I end up doing which makes them different from the modern vlog. The modern vlog showcases the person’s life the viewer is watching which no benefit goes to the audience. In the vlog when I went to the Art Museum, I applied a message to that experience.

The message in my first vlog!

  • The artist that was on display that day was named Kaws. The exhibit was called “Where the End Starts.” I did not know this going into that day, but as soon as I saw that I felt that exhibit name would be my message. It’s so evident throughout the video. I had no idea where this day would take Anna and me but that’s the beauty about adventures. The adventure can only start when one takes it off the path that was planned.
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.05.31 AM.png
This statue was two stories high!!

My overall impressions of vlogging…

  • I loved the experience of vlogging it allowed myself to try to capture the essence of the day into a message that I had to place in the purpose of the vlog. I believe when I do this with a certain place I get a certain attachment to that place. I have a more of an appreciation for the specific message that place taught me and it sticks with me when I return. The vlog definitely makes me a better filmmaker and a photographer for sure.