SXSW- Austin, TX

Spring Break 2017

Date: March 14 – March 16

Where: South by Southwest / Austin, TX

My Storytelling Process

Picking a Topic:

Before I start recording anything, I stop and think to myself what would be a good story to tell. Do I focus on the experience such as traveling or the people I meet?

In this work in Austin, I chose to focus on the experience because there was too much happening to incorporate all the lovely people I met. I tried to take my topic and produce it as I experienced it, nothing staged.

Pressing the Record Button:

When getting ready to press the record button, make sure the subject you are shooting is memorable to you because it will be for the viewer. Secondly, one needs to look at it from multiple angles because you want the best angle that you could record to catch the eye of the viewer.

This is true in my video when I got drone footage of downtown Austin. I sent the drone up 5-6 times before I got the shot that captured Austin, Texas, the best.

Staying in the Moment:

This is my number one rule that I follow. I love capturing moments with my camera, but I never let it get in the way of meeting new people or experiencing new things.

I believe that some moments are better not on camera because it’s nice to look back and see what you did but you might not appreciate the memory as much. Sometimes just put the camera down and take it all in.

Doing it because you love it:

Never get to a point where you treat storytelling as more of an obligation rather than a want. Once that sets in the storytellers head, all the fun is lost and you won’t produce great work.

Do it because it’s what you are passionate about and for the pure love of capturing moments!


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