Creed (2015)

Actors: Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, & Sylvester Stallone

Director: Ryan Coolger

Genre: Sports/Boxing, exciting

Rating: 8/10


  • Good Things:
    • The Story/plot
      • The Tie ins of the old Rocky movies
        • The flash backs at the end when he appeared to be knocked out
        • The old clips of Apollo Creed was a great touch
        • The way that Michael fully embraced the BOXING PERSONONA and learned all of the drills was remarkable


  • The Cinematography (A++)
    • The shots included great add ins/ overlays
      • The date and time stamps (EX: locations where he was fighting)
      • The Transferring from the ESPN and looking through that lens to the real life view of the fight
      • Incorporating the current events like todays sport talk shows
    • The shots in this movie were well thought out and executed
      • The shots in the movie flowed very well from shot to shot


  • The use of scenes rather doing a lot of cuts made the actors seem very professional and crisp with their lines and boxing maneuvers
    • The Fight Scenes maybe had a total of three or four noticeable cuts the rest was excited with the steady cam


  • The Panning and the slow motions in the movie were fantastic
    • The examples being in the fight scenes and when he is in the back getting ready for the fight, CIRCLING (Rocky and Creed) as well as the slow-motion of him running in the streets
    • The way the last fight was filmed due to the lighting and how it was filmed it allowed the viewer audience (the one that was watching the film) a more personal look at the fight and struggles that Creed went through


  • The Lighting choices
    • I liked the choices of lighting they went with the theme of the movie
      • The dark/ overcast lighting gave it that Philly look
      • The use of natural light is fantastic (Example: in the second gym and the whole movie basically)
    • The unnatural ways create light and make it look great was awesome
      • Fire breather (Last fight scene)
    • Audio and the use of Music
      • The use of audio in the movie was great it gave me chills
      • The scene that Michael kissed Tessa, with her music going from the speakers of her set up to the grand audio of the movie when he made his first move, actually moved me
      • This continued throughout the movie

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