Audio Slideshow

Audio Slideshow Reflection

Subject: Bryson Bowers

Date met: 03/2/2017

What did I like about the Project?

  • This project provided me a way to express and manipulate the camera to capture someone’s true passion. I feel so comfortable with the camera and this allowed me to balance between close and wide shots. I love capturing detail in my photos to allow the feelings in that moment to imprint on the picture itself.
  • P.s. I loved all the dogs he has at his house. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 9.09.55 PM

What was it like interviewing someone?

  • After meeting with Bryson, it was really easy to ask questions to a subject that is passionate about a particular thing they love. His enthusiasm was contagious and it made it a great environment for me to ask detailed questions. I loved the fact I got to experience someone else’s passion and let me walk through the process he goes through.

How was following Bryson around?

  • Pulling up to Bryson’s house I thought to myself, “This is going to be interesting…” I saw the OSU Wakeboard boat in the driveway getting a polish. He was that classic chill vibed dude that was the free spirited guy that never got tired of showing me anything. This made it really easy to focus on certain items to take pictures of. Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.10.57 PM.png

What were some of the challenges I faced?

  • When being at the mercy of your subject’s schedule is a major burden. I had to be available when Bryson wasn’t working, in class or off seeking some adrenaline. I faced some technical issues as well with the mic I checked out. Luckily I used my direct Rode mic and took the video off and just used the audio for the slideshow. Overall there was no issue I couldn’t conquer.

What did I learn about doing the audio slideshow? 

  • This project was beneficial to me because it made me really think about what pictures I should include and what I should leave out. I needed the photos to reflect the feelings and emotions that Bryson was expressing to me. It made me better as a photographer and as a storyteller as a whole.
  • Would I do this again?? -> YES!