A Recap of My 1st Podcast!!!


Why did I choose Ryan Johnson as my subject?

  • The main reason behind interviewing Ryan was due to that he is in the entertainment industry. The other reason is I have been friends with Ryan Johnson for about 6 years, and he is one of my best buddies. Ryan and I have done photoshoots, and he has even starred in my short film (Called ROBIN: Young Justice).

What was it like interviewing someone?

  • My ability to ask Ryan a question about something that he was passionate about was really awesome. He showed his drive for modeling and acting when I asked him about his “one path in life” question.

What were some struggles of the 1st Podcast?

  • Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.45.19 PM.pngI did not have that much fun when Ryan and I kept laughing in the Podcast, it made the editing a little harder in the end. Also one time we started the recording and I forgot to plug the mic in. But doing the interview with a friend is always a pleasure and it keeps it interesting.

What are some things I would have liked to change?

  • I felt a little new to the podcast format so I would have liked to talk about more and got down to the details of my subject. I would have liked to be more effective with my questions in the time frame I had. I felt like I was reading from a script so I would have liked a more back and forth style of podcast.

Would I do another Podcast?

Yes, yes I would. I liked the energy of the conversation when I asked him about what he loved to do. When a person can communicate what they are passionate about I think it’s the most captivating to listen to, watch, or even see. It is pure entertainment at its finest.

A special thank you to one of my best friends for letting me interview him for my podcast!!

Signing off!!

Ryan: On the Right – I am in the Middle



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