Is Casey Neistat considered one of the greatest storytellers??

Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat

2016 Vlogger of the Year: Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat has come into the news more and more in recent days. He is making big splashes with the merger of his company Beme Inc. and CNN. I am thinking that CNN is after his wide range of viewership that Mr. Neistat has obtained on YouTube and social media.

Photo was taken by: Casey Neistat via Twitter

The reason for this I believe is his ability to convey his message in his short films. In his films he has made it clear what he is trying to say and attack the underlining message throughout the story/video. I have admired his work after seeing one of his early videos called, “Bike Lanes.”

The short three-minute story is about the struggle of the citizens of New York parked in the bike lanes where Casey, an avid biker is forced to ride in the flow of traffic. (Link above)

This video showed him confronting the police after getting issued a ticket for not riding in the bike lane. He showed the problem in the first minute, that being obstructions preventing the bikers from riding. Using humor as well as his smarts, he is able to make this issue lighthearted and informative.

So he has the ability to deliver a compelling argument. But what about the way it’s presented? I think around this time when this first video went viral this brilliant businessman and great storyteller saw a way to put his message out to a bigger audience to share his insight on the rest of the world.

Photo was taken by: Casey Neistat himself in the short video, “GETTING OLDER AND STAYING YOUNG”


The videos themselves are fantastic and aesthetically pleasing to watch. Casey singlehandedly paved the way for the modern vlog. This guy is the guy to tell you a story and presented it to you on a silver platter.

Thank you, Mr. Neistat.

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